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Yorkshire Fragrance is A UK Company based in Sheffield

Essentail oil kit

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Essentail oil kit
Item Code:
Price: £114.50
Delivery: Courier

Our essential oils are supplied in 10ml bottles and are sourced directly to ensure they are 100% pure and allowing us full tracablity
The kit is supplied with a softwood display rack and the following oils,
4 Bergamot,4 Cedarwood,4 Geranium,4 Lemon,4 Orange,4 Petitgrain,4 Rosemary,4 Neroli dilute,4 Ylang Ylang,5 Citronella,5 Clary Sage,5 Eucalyptus,15 Lavender,5 Lemon Grass,5 Marjoram,5 Patchouli,5 Peppermint,5 Tea Tree & 6 carrier oils
all subject to availability

In stock for immediate order.


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